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..a day at the park

22 Jun

-half day at work

-swimming with kiana

-AND dae-dae/danaj


-all day i wanted ice cream

-i captured a beautiful pic of danaj..

– i want a cigarette.

– can you be my baby?

-hamburgers and onion rings


-milkshakes that bring the boys to the yard.

-blogger of the year


One on One 02/06/2010

6 Feb

ok so im starting this whole “one on one” thing all over…i didnt want it as a “page” anymore….enjoy

this is a “one one one” interview and converstion i have everyweek with someone i am inspired by. 15 questions,couple photos, and maybe some tears. up first……

subject: Six-www.twitter.com/rattyrichboi 23 years old, minneapolis,mn

location: ginger’s house


what inspires you?  six: ummmmmmm, anything dark. for sure. (giggles) well, everthing like….everything.

favorite color? six: black

Do you have any big life regret? six: probably not following through with education at the time i should have.

what are you known for? six: oh god…i guess really dry humor and i like to change my hair alot…well and my clothes.

if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? six: my self image.

favorite article of clothing you own? six: my owl necklace and my black leather jacket from 5th

what is the most important thing to you? six: keeping myself

describe a normal day in your life. six: um probably wake up,noon or later…smoke cigarettes…eat….waste a couple hours at work…smoke again and then go out for drinks.

what is the biggest misconception of you? six: hmmmmm, that im bubbly.

pasta or rice? six: pasta for sure.

who’s your favorite sibling? six: my sister jen-jen

what city would you rather live in..Los Angeles or New York? six: New York

what scares you? six: going to jail and quick moving insects.

 whats your favorite alcoholic beverage? six: well it used to be a tequila sunrise but now it would have to be a long island. well maybe even a cosmo depending on where its made.

who would you like to have as a “fag hag”? six: obviously GaGa…i mean she’s fun!