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what do you think??

8 Dec

3 chic girls

3 different personalities

similar style tho…..hhhmmm,

Lauren Conrad

Lo Bosworth

Paris Hilton…

who “chic” er?


the hills have eyes.

19 Oct

so today i worked 6:30-2 and have pretty much been at the library ever since. im hungry. i also have the strong urge to run a marathon for some reason. its weird.im in a grey wal-mart hoodie. i hate that place.im excited i dont work until 5pm tommorrow.mondays are ok. but they are even better when you realize its time for …………



Lauren Conrad…

i have loved her ever since laguna beach season 1 pilot “the black and white affair” she dresses so smart..you could learn alot people!!! 🙂

same bag…four different looks…so versatile! hahaha