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…friday morning

25 Jun


-sleep in my eyes

-Popeye’s chicken

-i got another wonderful shot of my brother “black”

-fashion week in september

-peer pressure

-summerfest sucks!

-bleed fashion


one question…

25 Mar

the girl behind the vision

17 Mar

Aris Dionne-CEO of UPHY magazine-THE GIRL BEHIND THE VISION-go check out her page!!!

monday night.

15 Mar

its monday night….im stoned…. im hungry…i need cigarettes..or a black..im feelin creative….in the mental…sorta like a can write a whole album tonight…or create a whole fashion line…maybe i’ll sketch a fashion line tonight…anywhoo, i jus wanted to say i LOVE this girlie outfit

its so sloppy but perfect!!!!!!! 2 thumbs up girl.

serve your country proudly.

9 Mar

if you could wear stuff like this in the army..i’d sign up!!

the Balmain Military jacket…

shout out to Aris Dionne… =D

she so cool..

9 Mar

….isnt she?

lavender blonde

4 Feb