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the girl behind the vision

17 Mar

Aris Dionne-CEO of UPHY magazine-THE GIRL BEHIND THE VISION-go check out her page!!!


private showing…

10 Mar

ill give you a private showing
the waterfall is flowing
so is the faucet
the #1 boss kid
its more than enough
and less than a little
the cold will cripple
you know the dill pickle

im in a box like barbie
old-school atari
your blog is sorry
zebra-print skinny safari
UPHY till i die
fashion till i die
only babies cry
when they swallow peroxide
its more than fiction
we can cause friction
get used to me
ill finish your sentence

serve your country proudly.

9 Mar

if you could wear stuff like this in the army..i’d sign up!!

the Balmain Military jacket…

shout out to Aris Dionne… =D


4 Feb

its hard to let go

especially when you move slow

its better to move faster

to be ahead of disaster

im my father’s bastard

complete with an attitude

style like no-one so its hard to mimic dude

minutes get longer

days get shorter

its a natural torture

vainity runs me

so does the coffee

im Keenan Kreshawn Co-CEO of UPHY copy me.