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rollin with homies….

20 Dec

RIP BRITTANY MURPHY!!! you will be greatly missed!


into the woods

18 Dec

lolz…..isn’t this creep like the poster-boy for all cheating,back-stabbing husbands??? hahaha he’s a joke! now his wife is gonna divorce his ass and take all his money!! you go girl!!


18 Dec

i mean….that rhianna reign jus wont let up! don’t get me worng…this album is ok, but completely wack when you compare it it his ex-girlfriend Rhianna. sorry chris, back to the studio…mmmkk?

30 million dollar dress.

18 Dec

…ugh for what tho???….its not even that chic, screw the diamonds!

paper planes

16 Dec

what the hell happened to M.I.A…..she had a baby and fell off!!! she used to be soooo chic tho!!! ugh!! come back girl NOW!!

where did they go.

15 Oct

ok…so i was going through my musical database (inside of my mind) and the ting tings came out of nowhere. where did they go?!?the ting tings i miss them. their album “we started nothing” literally is in my top 10 albums of all time. DROP SOMETHING NEW ALREADY DAMMIT!!! ;-D