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One on One 02/06/2010

6 Feb

ok so im starting this whole “one on one” thing all over…i didnt want it as a “page” anymore….enjoy

this is a “one one one” interview and converstion i have everyweek with someone i am inspired by. 15 questions,couple photos, and maybe some tears. up first……

subject: 23 years old, minneapolis,mn

location: ginger’s house


what inspires you?  six: ummmmmmm, anything dark. for sure. (giggles) well, everthing like….everything.

favorite color? six: black

Do you have any big life regret? six: probably not following through with education at the time i should have.

what are you known for? six: oh god…i guess really dry humor and i like to change my hair alot…well and my clothes.

if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? six: my self image.

favorite article of clothing you own? six: my owl necklace and my black leather jacket from 5th

what is the most important thing to you? six: keeping myself

describe a normal day in your life. six: um probably wake up,noon or later…smoke cigarettes…eat….waste a couple hours at work…smoke again and then go out for drinks.

what is the biggest misconception of you? six: hmmmmm, that im bubbly.

pasta or rice? six: pasta for sure.

who’s your favorite sibling? six: my sister jen-jen

what city would you rather live in..Los Angeles or New York? six: New York

what scares you? six: going to jail and quick moving insects.

 whats your favorite alcoholic beverage? six: well it used to be a tequila sunrise but now it would have to be a long island. well maybe even a cosmo depending on where its made.

who would you like to have as a “fag hag”? six: obviously GaGa…i mean she’s fun!



5 Oct

one on one premieres today!! check out the page!! the first very special guest is Daniel (Six) John.SIX

stay tuned to the one on one page every week (monday) for an all new, exculsive, groundbreaking interview.