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holy moly

10 Mar

cristiano ronaldo…takes my breath

and yes he is very capable of being man candy twice!

oh ryan

4 Feb

good evening boys/girls/monsters….its 5:00pm on thursday and im just relaxing and watching “are you smarter than a 5th grader” this show is bomb! anywhoo im sooooo excited to move to uptown…i feel me and SIX fit in more there..(as if we fit in anywhere???) time for some MAN CANDY!!!!

Mr. Ryan Gosling…adorable as shit!!!! nuff said!

the strangers

27 Jan

this is a photoshoot shoot me (uphyboi) and my bff SiX did last night……its so chic!!!!! ENJOY!



10 Dec

ok…so i came across this picture of Ashton Kutcher…this was earlier in the year at the Sundance Film Festival….

i just thought this was a very,very nice picture of him…thats all. 🙂


8 Dec

His name is bobby

he is 24 years old from brooklyn

i think he is adorable and i love his style!!


27 dresses

3 Dec

ok i love my movie 27 dresses>>>my friend steve thinks i hate it tho….im sorry steve i was just drunk and tired…anywhoo…


i adore JAMES MARSDEN!!!!



29 Nov

happy sunday people!! i worked. i watched sex and the city season 1. now im blogging. 🙂 isnt it amazing how many people go loco over black friday? if you shopped at thrift stores like i do, it would be a sale everyday people!! anywhoo….


Reggie Bush…..

got damn he hot as f*ck!!!!