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excuse me!

10 Dec

New couple alert??

i don’t know what to say or how i feel about this one…i mean wilmer is chic, but….idk



you are my rose.

16 Oct

ok….sorry to all the Taylor Swift fans, but im a huge fan of Kanye West. I wouldn’t even call him cocky, i just think he is very confident in what he does and what he believes in. I also LOVE the girl he is dating right now. Amber Rose. she is so chic and i think she has a wonderful modeling career ahead of herself.

aren’t the 2 of them just one of the cutest couples?kanye and amber

publicity stunt

15 Oct

khloe_kardashian_lamar_odomhonestly do i need to say more??

who needs rehab??

6 Oct

Looks like Rhianna’s smash hit REHAB wasn’t the only thing her and “friend” Justin Timberlake have been cooking. Sources have seen the two “very playful and flirty” at a couple of after parties in L.A. He even went back to her room!!! Since Jessica Biel is out the way i say GO FOR IT!!!! these two look feerrrrooossshhh together and i’m sure he is better than that “tool” Chris Brown. Muahhhhzzzzzjt and ri ri