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…friday morning

25 Jun


-sleep in my eyes

-Popeye’s chicken

-i got another wonderful shot of my brother “black”

-fashion week in september

-peer pressure

-summerfest sucks!

-bleed fashion


get your grown man on.

22 Jun

ok…so i was at celebratory dinner last night and alot of these boys were wearing ties, but obviously didn’t know how to tie them. so i’m here to help. or at least show you a video that can help.

get it together boys…sloppy ties are so HIGH SCHOOL!

…its been a long time

21 Jun

..i shouldn’t have left you, without a dope blog to you guys accept my apology??-vintage sergeant jacket

-h&m dress pants

he’s incredibly dope!

the girl behind the vision

17 Mar

Aris Dionne-CEO of UPHY magazine-THE GIRL BEHIND THE VISION-go check out her page!!!

monday night.

15 Mar

its monday night….im stoned…. im hungry…i need cigarettes..or a feelin creative….in the mental…sorta like a can write a whole album tonight…or create a whole fashion line…maybe i’ll sketch a fashion line tonight…anywhoo, i jus wanted to say i LOVE this girlie outfit

its so sloppy but perfect!!!!!!! 2 thumbs up girl.

she so cool..

9 Mar

….isnt she?

to die for.

4 Feb

and the “who inspires Keenan” award for the day goes to…..


24 years old…NASHVILLE,TN

the shit